Tips for a Healthy New Year!


Happy New Year everyone! Sorry for being away for so long. I wanted to have some unadulterated time with family and friends, away from social media. Sometimes you need to put that phone down! Holiday season stared with visiting my family in Virginia, followed by some more pampering in New Jersey, and finishing with fireworks in New York City. I guess I had way too much fun and food for two weeks straight, for which i crashed and burned last week, when I was down with a fever. Now I am back and hoping for a great year! I feel the key to a great year is to be healthy and happy. Here are a few habits I hope to incorporate in my daily routine which I thought I’ll share with you.


This is a given, if you want to be healthy, you need to incorporate some form of exercise in your daily/weekly routine. Even if you do not have time to work out, just trying simple habits like walking 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes during lunch time, parking away from your office building and using the stairs instead of the elevator can make a difference.


Mental health is important and engaging your brain is vital. In this digital age, even bookworms like me often skip the book for a binge-watching session on Netflix. Make a habit of reading 1-2 books every month if not more. Play Sudoku, learn a language, win that memory game!


Stress is one of the biggest cause of a plethora of maladies. So de-stressing once every week is vital for a healthy life. One day/evening a week, go out and do the things you love. Dance, watch a play, shop, explore your city, brew some beer and, whenever you can get away, travel the world!

Thank you for stopping by! Happy New Year!