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5 Ways to Make Your Outfit Stand Out!

It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. Being fashionable is not just about buying unique pieces, but taking a simple look and elevating it to the next level.  Here are my 5 tips and tricks to make you outfit stand out.


This is probably my most favorite way to elevate a look. Brooches are extremely versatile pieces and can instantly make an outfit interesting. Some of the ways I use it are:
– Attach it to a plain coat, blazer or jacket

– Adjust a deep neck blouse or a turtleneck

– Wear it as necklace with a collared shirt, by pining it to the top button


Tie a bold printed scarf around your neck, waist or bag to totally change an outfit!



Belts are not only useful for cinching your waist but also to add a surprise element to your outfit. Add a sudden pop of color, break up that monochromatic look or add some sparkles to your outfit with the right belt!

It’s not what you wear but how you wear it….


Want your look to be classy? Well you can never go wrong with yellow or rose gold accessories. Look for minimalistic cool pieces and may be add a pearl or two!


Every now and then we find ourselves standing in front of an overflowing closet with nothing to wear! In such situations I tend to go for monochromes to  look polished and put together. Play with texture, add lace and ruffles and finish with a stylish bag!