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4 Ways to Wear Scarves This Season

Scarves are a must have for any season, especially winters. There are over a 100 ways to tie a scarf. Here are a few popular ones for you to try this season.


 Skinny scarves are in trend. So if your weather permits you to wear a scarf solely for the purpose of looking stylish, this is a great option. You can also tie it as a bow for a different look.201511111869014583


 This is the most classic way of wearing a scarf. Just take a warm oversized version and wrap it around for a cozy feel.



If you have a long blanket scarf, you can just it hang around your shoulder. Cinch it around the waist with a belt for a more polished look. This is a great option to jazz up a simple outfit.



Another great option with the blanket scarf is to wear it as a poncho. Just wrap it around your shoulder and secure it with a belt. Make sure to keep enough space for  moving your hands.


Let me know these scarf styles suit you and if you have any other ideas for me try out!